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Case Study
JFCS of Monmouth County

Step 1: Establish a Brand Message

JFCS Monmouth County


Jewish Family & Children's Service of Monmouth County (JFCS) is governed by a Board of Directors of 17 Monmouth County residents and employs 19 professionals. 100% of the board members make annual donations to the Agency’s 3.4 million dollar budget. JFCS offers the most comprehensive Health and Wellness, Food Security, Holocaust Survivor and Senior Programs in Monmouth County.


In the realm of nonprofits, tight budgets often pose a significant challenge, with limited funds available for marketing endeavors. Many organizations view allocating resources to marketing as risky, fearing it may detract from crucial financial needs earmarked for other programs.

However, in 2023, a new Executive Director infused JFCS with a fresh vision aimed at elevating and expanding its reach to attract new donors and clients. Yet, the real challenge lay in convincing the 17-person Board of Directors to greenlight a budget for this transformative project, where none existed before.

Through diligent effort and a compelling rebranding presentation to the full Board, we outlined the rebranding process and detailed the specific steps that would ensure a successful launch. As understanding of the proposal for Brand Messaging grew clearer, approval was secured. The result? JFCS witnessed tangible results immediately, receiving donations on the very first day of their website launch.



  1. Increase Donations

  2. Gain New Clients


Enhance JFCS's Brand Messaging Strategy by cultivating Clarity, Confidence, and Consistency across their messaging, website, and logo. Craft a compelling narrative that effectively communicates their Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values. Develop Messaging Pillars to maintain Clarity and Consistency in their communications. Formulate a compelling Value Proposition and craft a tagline that inspires donations and resonates with individuals seeking assistance. Implement a user-friendly interface with clear Calls to Action (CTA) to facilitate engagement and support.


  • Dated website

  • Unmemorable logo

  • Inconsistent messaging, confusing and unclear

  • Not receiving regular donations

  • Donors need to be redirected twice before reaching the Donate page

  • People struggle to find the information they needed

  • Not an easy to navigate programs, register, or inquire

  • Uninspiring website and with no engagement

  • Too much text, few, images or colors, and no Calls to Action (CTA)


Through a series of comprehensive Discovery Sessions involving both the President of the Board and Executive Director, we delved deep into the essence of JFCS. We uncovered their Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values, laying the groundwork for clarity. Following this, we conducted a thorough competitive analysis of similar nonprofit organizations and identified their ideal donors and clients. This wealth of information was synthesized into a cohesive package, comprising a Value Proposition, Tagline, Brand Messaging Pillars, a distinct Brand Voice, and Visual Identity, all tailored to elevate the JFCS brand.


Achieved remarkable success with the launch of our website, garnering both donations and inquiries right from the start. This accomplishment was driven by our impactful strategies:

  • Clear Value Proposition

  • Video Marketing Narrative

  • Powerful Tagline

  • Strong Brand Messaging Pillars

  • Memorable Logo

  • Responsive Website

  • An Easy-to-Use User Interface

  • Easy Donate

  • Ensuring Clear and Consistent Brand Messaging across all platforms


Leslie Kornfeld, Executive Director, JFCS Monmouth County: "Esta was able to capture the essence of what we do perfectly. We started receiving inquiries and donations from our new site the day it was launched."


JFCS of Monmouth County did not have a clear Purpose when we started. Their Purpose culminated from a series of Discovery Sessions:

Building a future where everyone in our community can live healthy and fulfilled lives.

Value Proposition

Through a series Discovery sessions we pinpointed their exact Value Proposition, and then, with the help of Aug X Labs, we used this text to video platform to create an impactful video.

Jewish Family & Children’s Service believes in Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. We do this by connecting those in need, of any denomination, age or economic background to the highest quality care, empowering those individuals to thrive.


We offer the best and most comprehensive Health and Wellness, Food Security, Holocaust Survivor and Senior Programs in Monmouth County, helping individuals achieve stability, and live with dignity.

Video Narrative

Utilizing text-to-video AI technology, powered by Aug-X Labs, we revolutionized the JFCS Value Proposition by transforming it into a polished video presentation. Aug-X intelligently translated our text-based Value Proposition into a visually captivating video by selecting relevant images aligned with keywords. With a distinctive voiceover selected, our narrative seamlessly unfolded, bringing our story to life. Remarkably, this professional-grade video was produced in under an hour.


JFCS of Monmouth County embarked on our journey without a tagline. Through a series of intensive Discovery sessions, we unearthed their definitive Vision:

Quality Life for All

Jfcs Logo

Transformed their logo into a memorable Brand Identity.


Stock Image,  no clear Vision.

Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 1.03.24 PM.png


Bold lettering, Color Palette, Vision.

Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 12.42.26 PM.png

Mission Statement

Revised Mission Statement for profound impact and Clarity.


The mission of Jewish Family & Children's Service of Monmouth is to provide innovative, responsive, cost effective, non-sectarian human services that enhance the quality of life for children, families and the aged in our community, while reflecting the shared compassion, ancient wisdom and unifying traditions of Judaism.


Our mission is to do everything possible to create health and happiness in our community by providing the best social services, delivered by exceptional people.

Website Pages
Before & After

Redesigned website pages with a focus on

Clarity, Confidence, and Consistency for enhanced user experience and engagement.


There is no clarity about what they do. There are no brand colors. The main image isn't engaging. The menu is hard to read. There is no CTA.

JFCS Building


People only read about 27% of any given page. There is all text, no image engagement, clear vision, purpose or mission.

About Us


There is too much text, images that don't tell a story, aren't engaging, and no clear CTA,



There is Clarity about what they do. There is a brand palette. The main image is engaging. The menu is easy to read. There is a clear CTA.

JFCS Monmouth County

About Us: AFTER

Text is separated. The image tells a story. The page demonstrates a clear vision, purpose and mission.

Screen Shot 2024-05-06 at 2.56.13 PM.png

PAGE Services: AFTER

There are clear service choices, images that tell a story, are engaging, and have a clear CTA.

JFCS Programs

PAGE Counseling: BEFORE

There is no page clarity, text is all over the page. There are multiple categories with no descriptors, and no image for engagement.



There is no CTA, inspiration to give, and no engagement with colors or images.



An uninspired list of Staff, no colors or images.


PAGE Counseling: AFTER

There is program clarity, organized program information,multiple categories with descriptors, and image for engagement.

Screen Shot 2024-03-19 at 5.04.04 PM.png


There is inspiration to give, engagement with colors and images.

Donate Page


Inspired Team images, colors and contact.

Screen Shot 2024-05-07 at 4.20.49 PM.png

PAGE Board of Directors: BEFORE

An uninspired list of Staff, no colors or images.


PAGE Board of Directors: AFTER

Inspired Team images, colors and contact.


PAGE Holocaust Survivors: BEFORE

Program description of the page has too much text. The image is non compelling.



The page has no images, and asks for help without offering multiple ways donors can give.



There is no text talking about special events, and the images aren't engaging.


PAGE Holocaust Survivors: AFTER

There is an image of a relatable person, and easy to read bulleted text.


PAGE Ways to Give: AFTER

The page has multiple images, and offers multiple ways to give with clear CTA's.

Ways to Give


There is text talking about special events, and the images are vibrant and engaging.


Client Testimonial


Leslie Kornfeld, Executive Director, JFCS of Monmouth County

Having Esta establish our brand messaging, develop our logo, and design our new website was life-changing for our non-profit organization.  She was able to capture the essence of what we do perfectly. We started receiving inquiries and donations from our new site the day it was launched. Working with Esta was a pleasure – she met with staff to get the most accurate information in a painless and enjoyable way. I give s.h.e. Consulting the highest recommendation.

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