I realized the true power of connectivity when I consulted to a NYC nonprofit and E*Trade, putting together a nationwide career e-mentor network for underserved teens. I developed the education program, recruited and trained mentors, and managed the year long pilot. It was a huge success, and E*Trade renewed the program, investing in another thousand teens. Most importantly, 1,000 kids lives were influenced in a positive way.

I've been working with niche companies for over 20 years, and my passion for empowering people grew when I embraced the world of social media. Suddenly, the entire world opened up. Online marketing and strategy naturally evolved, creating opportunities for businesses beyond traditional page borders. 

Connectivity is powerful, yet can be very challenging, particularly if you're a small businesses trying to get noticed in a vast digital landscape. I'm passionate about helping businesses grow their company by understating how to attract followers, gain recognition and build relationships that attract clients. 

Expression and creativity is in every aspect of my life.  Photography is my hobby, and I've written two children's books. I love all kinds fo expression, and empowering people see their ideas come to life.

I love using my skills and abilities to do what's good and right in the world, helping people shine, and giving them confidence in presenting their business to the world.

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MY LOGO: I've always signed my name with a little "e." In college, my friends started calling me "little e." eventually dropping the "little". They still call me "e". It has sentimental value. It's a small but powerful letter. Hence, my logo features an "e" and the "s.h.e." are my initials, reversed. It works well if by chance I haven't a business card on hand; after all, I am a "she" the "e" resonates, and consulting fits. 

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"Few people have the ability to capture and hold your attention like Esta. Her sharp wit, authenticity, and intuitive nature into peoples' motivations is what sets her apart. She has a unique skill to quickly evaluate then monetize social platforms."

— Laura Virilli

Keynote Speaker

"Esta is a highly passionate, driven and goal oriented. Her attention to detail and willingness to go beyond expectations is impressive. She is not afraid to experiment or take measurable risks that push her outside her comfort zone, which in my eyes is a very positive trait in a leader."

— John Gomez

CEO Sensato Cybersecurity

"Esta Singer is an extremely bright, affable leader in the Social Media space. I have worked with her for several years and have found her to have a keen eye for digital marketing trends and social media strategy."

— Glen Gilmore

TIME "Man of Action"