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The cornerstone of your visual identity, a good logo connects in meaningful ways. It reflects a confident brand voice, stands out from the crowd, and attracts your ideal clients. It's your business personality. 

2_14 NLBP LOGO FINAL 18.1.png


Natural Life Business Parntership

Natural Life Business Partnership is an organization that builds alliances to serve, inspire, and nurture each other on a global level, a unique ecosystem of Soul Professionals that cooperate as does the natural world. 


Grafton Street TV

Jeff Pulver is an Internet Pioneer known for helping to change the way the world communicates. he created a global music community that performs live every week. Grafton Street has become internationally known for its street entertainment, particularly busking. His love for music inspired this logo designed with music clefs.

[Original size] LOGO Grafton Sketch 9.png
pulveREDU logo



Created by Jeff Pulver, pulverEDU Global Community School where inspired learners meet passionate instructors in live one-hour classes. The learning blocks are shuffled to indicated a new way of learning "redo" play on words with the pulver "R" and "EDU".


Living Luna

Living Luna is an organization that exists to help build a future where everyone can live authentically and love without shame. The organization empowers a greater community of "Others" with support and acceptance. 

Jpeg. Living LUNA (3000 × 3000 px).jpg
GLOBAL CUISINE LOGO (3000 × 3000 px).png


Global Cuisine Consulting

Junnie Lai is an internationally recognized Chef. Global Cuisine’s artistic abilities and passion drives her to innovate delicious, purposeful food, focusing on trend-forward technologies. 


The Data Storyteller

Data storytelling focuses on creating a narrative that is both interesting and informative, choosing the right data points to include, and then using them to create a clear and compelling story. The book represents the narrative an the data comes out of that narrative with an overarching theme.

DATA STORYTELLING Devon (3000 × 3000 px).png


GutsyGals Get More, LLC

Roe Couture DeSaro is the Creator of women’s courageous conversations TEDx speaker, Certified Core Values Index practitioner who is training for feminine power coaching, facilitator and leadership. The logo represents strength and feminine combined for balanced leadership. 


The Charlie Maher Challenge

Charlie maher is a ranked pro-tennis player pushing the boundaries and 60 years old, and educating people what's possible later in life. His motto "It's not your age, it's your training." inspire the hitting the clock, changing time, and the overarch represent the ball. 

28CharlieMaherChallenge logo.png
Eddie Confetti Ice Cream Logo


Eddie Confetti

Eddie Confetti's Ice Cream Cafe sits on the boardwalk in historic Asbury Park, NJ. He wanted a traditional, old fashion feel to his logo with his signature colors. The goal was fun and inviting place to grab coffee, or enjoy ice cream in a family focused town.

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