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TheraCorp Clinic

TheraCorp Behavioral Health and Addictions offers both individual and group therapy. The goal was to create a clean and calm design where visitors with challenges could feel comfortable while navigating the website. 


Grafton Street TV

Grafton Street TV is a LIVE Global Internet Music Channel.  Grafton Street, a famous street for musicians in Dublin. The client wanted an edgy look and feel and a place where Buskers could register to audition. 

Coastal Elite Veterinarian 

Coastal Elite Vet is specializes in equine care, and large farm animal care, always putting the needs animals first. The client wanted a clean design with the calming colors of gray and blue.


HorseSense Therapeutic Center inspires those with life challenges to learn the magic horses to further their abilities.  The design is light and engaging while addressing the difficult decisions and challenges of people with autism.


Charlie is proving athletic capabilities surpass standards. The website design represents competing with yourself against time and the look and feel is energetic. The image is still of a video of Charlie .

America's Cup Coffee Company

America's Cup Coffee is in the hub of Asbury Park, NJ. A very cool, hip and arty town. The website design focuses on atmosphere, community and great coffee.  

Instant Verification, Inc.

Instant Verification, Inc. is one of the foremost employee screening companies. The company screens coaches and other people working with kids in structured environments.